Pathetic!! 4 months ago

i feel like puking all the time, non sense characters, non sense story... previous hellboy was far better. idiotic movie, dont waste your time and money.


Waste of money 4 months ago

I was expecting much more..der is no good dialogue nor any fantastic action just blood story line..very predictable scenes 😡


A Disgrace 4 months ago

much below than what was expected from rhr movie. standards have fallen down. just a wastage of money as well as time. instead invest that money in something more productive or useful.


evil dead remake with hellboy :( 4 months ago

it was complete disaster. story was hopeless.. character was all over places. not even tiny bit close to the FIRST n second hellboy. I'm a huge hellboy fan n this movie really upset me.


Not dat good this time 4 months ago

1&2 parts were damm good. Even the look of hellboy has been spoilt this time.Story line not that good.Movie is been extended without reoson.And only filled with violence this time.


Sucks! 4 months ago

You'll lose the charm of the hellboy if you watch this! Sucks to the core. Pathetic comedy and story line. Acting sucked too. And there's the Indian censor board who seemed to have edited the dialogues and scenes. Made things worse. And wackier.


Movie was okay okay 4 months ago

If you have seen further parts than this movie wont look good to you. Climax and animation is good but story line is just okay. I would rather suggest don't waste money on this movie.


worst movie made in Hollywood 4 months ago

I have no idea what happened in the movie. no connection from start to finish. this is worst Hollywood movie in history. please dont waste ur hard earn money


You can skip this movie 4 months ago

The story line was very predictable and easy. Hellboy had no charm..the punch wount comevyou have to catch ohh it was funny...Its better to save a few bucks..


worst 4 months ago

not worth to spent you time if you are Hellboy fan still it's not worth to watch... if you still want to spend your money and time then I can't help do watch it