No more the Hellboy we've seen. 1 month ago

Hellboy is one of the most popular fictional character on which the earlier two movies were made by Gullermo were indeed masters pieces but this Version is entirely a new script definitely not a sequel but more of the Director ruined the character indeed.nWhat can you watch ?n+ Visual effects are state of the art n+ Violence has been portrayed very realisticnWhat you can't watch !!n- Story line is very weakn- Unnecessary characters were added substituting the Sapien Abraham charactern- Background Music is really annoyingn- Screenplay is pretty fast which subdues the story moren- Actual look of Hellboy was changed and this has a detrimental effect on the Hellboy charactern- Excessive usage of obscene & foul language though there are no Adult scenes in the movien- Not Suggested for Children below 18 years for sure as some of the violent scenes are more realistic


Really a superb movie don't go on fake reviews. 1 month ago

The movie doesn't keep you bored for a minute also,just keeps you on the edge of the seat always.The action and scenes depiction is just awesome.Don't go on fake reviews all the reviews are fake trust me a very good movie for hellboy franchise fan's even if you aren't you will enjoy the story and movie.


not so action 1 month ago

too much talk, story telling. didnt feel like action movie at all. story drags you alot. though here and there is a bit of humour. the blood queen is of a bit of sober acting.


awesome 1 month ago

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hellBOOOO! 1 month ago

Terrible! A criminal waste of time! Should have a statutory warning on the BMS website-“Might cause acute boredom!” Ron Pearlman is sorely missed!


pretty decent movie 1 month ago

I am bit confused when it comes to judge this movie...part me liked this movie and part of me hated...there are many horror element in this movie which i totally loved it esp


Boring movie 1 month ago

Director has to drag the movie and had to keep fights to make the story line interesting. However it’s boring yet. Second half is just awful.


Not better than previous parts. 1 month ago

new hellboy actor played hellboy very well but last actor was better. overall it's good movie. In the end, less action scenes than 1st half are there


not good as previous hellboy versions 1 month ago

not good as previous hellboy versions I didn't like it.we can go for time pass. bgm is not up to the mark. no proper comedy.ha ha ha


disappointed 1 month ago

nothing when compared to old hellboy movies, there was no wow scene in the entire movie, David harbour was missing the spark of hellboy☹️😟👹