So So, 1 month ago

Not much of an entertainer, previous one were much better, too much complex. Script was ok, Acting was ok, was expecting much, not upto the mark.


Mast hai 1 month ago

Mast movie and could have been awesome if only the makers could maintain the same fun post interval. Nice humor and fun characters, solid action and lot of fun in first half. Post interval just wants to finish the movie and hurry up defeating the quality


Better than shizam 1 month ago

Its good, i don't know why people complain, it's better than shizam, 2nd part of this will be awesome. Go and watch this movie without hesitation, don't read bad comments as they are comparing only


superb movie every one should what this 1 month ago

the story was quite normal to prevent the evil power and save the humanity...over all effect and fiction are super .i really enjoy the movie .


horrible movie 1 month ago

I expected so much but turned out to be so dumb. neither the characters nor the animation was good. I wish there will be a better direction in the next part. saw the post theater scene the new character is also dumb. the worst part is they have spoilt the hellboy character too


Hellboy complete misfire 1 month ago

lot of sub plots .director failed to give justice to each story.VFX also pretty ordinary. Lack of emotions.audiance are not connected wid relationship between Hellboy n his father


good movie 1 month ago

its not disappoint s I expected it is a good entertainment. it's good for this season. who likes the older movies of this series he must love.


pathetic 1 month ago

the most pathetic movie I've seen of the series . no story no characters. not a movie to watch. please don't waste time is the updated I have for the viewers .


yeaaa 1 month ago

zeher hai vai zeher ...zeher hai vai zeher ...zeher hai vai zeher ...zeher hai vai zeher ...zeher hai vai zeher ...zeher hai vai zeher ...zeher hai vai zeher ...zeher hai vai zeher ...

IMMAN story 1 month ago

felt more like scenes n not a movie...this hellboy i didnt looked weird...i wish i could claim those 2.5 hrs n the money back...what were u thinking huh?