Unnecessary but Mildly fun Reboot 4 months ago

Makes me want to watch the old Duology but generates little interest in the new trilogy. Good music. Mindless action movie. Ultra violence gets bonus points.


child's play 4 months ago

it's like watching a kids movie, well we can watch it only once but I won't recommend u guys.HELLBOY supposed to be serious but it is quite funny to watch


David Harbour was so Perfect 4 months ago

David Harbour is the guy who played as HellBoy in this movie, We have seen him in Stranger Things already. His height and physic were perfected fitted into this role. This is a new Comic universe, its not Dc or Marvel. I personally suggest you guys in good theatres and make sure you have subtitles , we are unable to get some dialogues . Graphics are good and everything is good but the storyline is weak i guees