its bad very bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad 4 months ago

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Full of boredom 4 months ago

director couldn't do justice with the viewers, boredom is something else but what if someone sleeps during the movie.that means you don't have anything to watch...just stay away from this movie


Okayish 4 months ago

although some parts of the movie were nice, the movie was quite lame. it had the potential to be so much more. Even the CGI looked cheap and underworked.


disaster 4 months ago

avoid at all cost.the movie is all gore for no reason.the story fluctuates to more and depths of failure .the previous versions looked like master piece infront of this one


Loved the movie! 4 months ago

It is a well crafted movie, I liked how there is no shortage of characters, I always found the amazing Spider-Man series boring as so little was happening at a time, This is the exact opposite of that! There are other points a few reviewers make, which I agree with... but it's not down-right pathetic as people are calling it.


not bad not great 4 months ago

it was not a bad movie nd not a great one too its comic accurate which is pretty good nd action was nice overall good cgi movie was dark and serious its entertaining nd David harbour did a pretty good job as hellboy over nice 7/10


horrendously bad 4 months ago

one of the worst movies that has ever been made. difficult to sit through the entire length of the movie. very poor story, direction and acting.


Hellboy Movie Review 4 months ago

Hellboy rocks, but the direction sucks, the movie was average with some cool moments.The direction, acting were commendable, but there was a lack of brilliance, it doesn't come together as a masterpiece & fails badly.The biggest star of the movie is the hellboy who has done a fantastic job & also the cgi special effects action scenes which were terrific.So if you are a comic book movie fan, definitely a one time watch.


enjoyed it thoroughly 4 months ago

I loved the continuation and story telling. the editing was very abrupt in most cases. Humour was fantastic. They detached from the old storyline, which was very strange for me.


bakwaas 4 months ago

wasted my money and time both . worst Hollywood movie I watched in theater. it was such a mental torture. what did they think before making the movie.