fantastic 5 days ago

fantastic movie of Avengers series .We will awaiting how Captain Marvel along with Avengers how destroy kill monger Thanos. Thonos wait we are coming !


good movie 5 days ago

not to watched with family watch it with friends. Better to watch it with friends because family is not that guys to watch this movie !!!


Super Woman 5 days ago

The story was good. Heroine was awesome I'm performance. The visual effects are extrodinary. Nice to watch the movie in 4D or in 3D. I like the heroine character protrayed.


Good watch 5 days ago

Being a core cat person.. 100% for goose, the cat... he was addorable..! Other than that a good watch.. second half picked up pace.. avengers..end game wud be great to watch..👍👍


Worst movie 5 days ago

Don’t waste your money and tme . Bakwaas movie. Weekend biscuit hogaya .i expected minimum captain America kind of movie.i don’t know for where this movie got 83 % lol.

Sharan Kumar

Waste of money 5 days ago

Just a feminist propaganda movie. Totally unlikeable lead who feels like she is made of cardboard and doesn't suit a role that's supposed to connect with audience for the next phase of Marvel movies. Disney has dug a grave by casting such a least likeable character who doesn't fit into Marvel's charming heroes enlisted so far. People are going to avoid future Marvel movies in hordes of this is the face of future Marvel movies.


Love this movie 5 days ago

As always marvel rocks keep it up and we all r eagerly waiting for endgame to see how the future of marvel is going to b in phase 4 lots of movies to come🔥❤️


Good movie but bit disappointing for MCU fans 5 days ago

Every one got curious about Captain Marvel, a character of the MCU, after Fury called her in the end credit scene of infinity war. This character had so much importance but filmmakers didn't pay much attention into character development unlike for other characters in the MCU. So much happening in fast pace leaves audience without characterization impact. Except for that movie is good in other aspects and worth to watch once.


power full captainn marvel 5 days ago

the marvel heroin is more power full than each and every heros...waiting for avengers -end game..nothing to tickets and enjoying the 3D experience


Average Movie 5 days ago

Movies stands out in graphics. Poor acting. Good scenes were spoiled. No heroic moments or Inspiring. Girls will like since here super power is changing design of her costume and changing hairstyle.