Superb! 1 week ago

Just one word, Superb. Eagerly waiting for the END GAME !! Many, like me, will be depressed to accept the fact the day Avengers End game releases, to know there will be no more Avengers series.. Oh wait, we never know the twist !!!


Danvers is superwoman! 1 week ago

Captain Marvel in her full glory looks like Thor and Storm rolled into one. All powerful and Fury's buddy, she will be ending the game. The movie has a good story, is visually impressive and worth the hype. It's mother flurken good.


Amazing Discovery of a ‘her’o.😍 1 week ago

The start is little be slow, but as soon as the intermission ends, the real thrill begins then. We discover the real “her”o. The entire film revolves in a loop so stick your butt to the seat to completely enjoy the film.


much needed story support 1 week ago

but it's not as good as other marvel movies...shittier than winter soldier in terms of action...story is good...but action is lacking...and I totally understand that.


Nice Movie Production From Marvel Cinematic Universe 1 week ago

There’s not a lot to redeem this movie. It seems to confuse ‘mean’ with ‘funny’, and does so repeatedly. The main character is unlikable and arrogant, which is a bad combination. Ben Mendelsohn steals the show, which is how badly the writers portrayed Sam Jackson’s character. The action scenes are dimly lit and shake around like the camera man is afraid he’ll miss something; that combined with choppy editing makes them a jumbled mess. The skrull make-up is phenomenal, though, and the plot turn is actually not half bad. The tone was very different from other Marvel movies and felt much more like J.J. Abrams’ Start Trek movies, so if you like those movies you’re in luck.


Carol avenger Danvers 1 week ago

Awesome movie especially the cameos and also the flerken CAt And ha the look of her when she fights her biggest enemy and as it is a marvel movie you should go and watch it it would be very interesting


The only thing good is the post-credit scene 1 week ago

Instead of whole movie they could have made a 15 mins short movie on her powers. Incredibly boring and a stain on MCU. Do watch the post credit if you've survived till then.


movie review 1 week ago

you will feel that they have created the story just for bring her.not like others marvel movie means not up to that mark what Marvel's has.they showed her so much power full but they didn't show how she can absorb that energy and become powerful.watched in 4dx Vega City was like I m watching in 3d .Vega City Mall 4dx is not good.


It describes everything.... 1 week ago

the movie is amazing how everything is like a puzzle and this was the biggest part of the jumbled puzzle. you see nick fury as a soft person here. everythings perfect


Marvelous Captain 1 week ago

Cap marvel is such a cool film , I have ever watched till now ! It shows the ability of women . It shows that women are equal with men . Finally , it rocks in the theatres