Amazed 7 hours ago

I love & enjoy it..Amazing cast team And loved all action scene in this movie. Great thinking, Great imagination & Great Entertainment like all Marvel Series.


goodone 8 hours ago

the real fantasy world nothing more for less not much super heros. it's a family entertainment movie. hopefully everyone will like it. just don't go much with the comments if you got watch just watch


Bad 9 hours ago

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Excellent 10 hours ago

one of the best MCUs movie.i love good hats off to Marvel.great animation and visual effects and super actions.great containt now super excited for avengers endgame


A great Origin Story 11 hours ago

As marvel tradition goes, pretty much a badass origin story.All actors have did their parts pretty well. Especially Nick's character is the best worth watching.


Half Bad! 17 hours ago

The graphics are phenomenal. Awesome in 3D. Marvel has tried to keep the audience engaged, but for those of us who are not a fan of the comic book, its like a weird combination of a Star Trek meets GI Joe kinda experience! You won't have a Bad time watching it, but is defn. not on the Avengers kind of a level. Come and go kind of a movie.


GOOD BUT NOT GREAT. 17 hours ago

movie is connected will with avengers.goose stole the show with his wit.brie larson's acting wasn't that and all,a one time watch.mid credit scene connected her with endgame.


Marvelous 18 hours ago

Yet another marvelous movie by Marvel comics, which makes Avengers Endgame much more interesting. This is a must watch and 3D effects make it very good too.


worth watching!! 1 day ago

came at the correct time and brie Larson has done a fine job and comedy was decent, if you can't take a female character being so awesome that's your fault. better origin story than captain America and thor! Don't worry about the negative talk and go and watch the Marvel's captain Marvel!!!


It's Captain Marvellous...... 1 day ago

It's Captain Marvellous...the pace was slow but the movie turned out to be one of the best intro movies from MCU after Captain America - The First Avenger and Iron Man. Infact the name Avengers did come from Captain Marvel.

Sunny Nishan