The Main thing is The Spider`s Web 4 months ago

দারুন সিনেমা || Excellent movie || I love this movie Very much. This movie is for Those who Really for CyberSecurity Enthusiast !! I Like this type of Movie.


Okayish Movie 4 months ago

Dnt felt like interesting, just an okay movie...felt like money wasted, Incomplete script.


keeps you engaged 4 months ago

The action in the movie is more realistic, and although the story revolves around one subject, the movie doesn't bore you.Could have included a few more action scenes.


Excellent 4 months ago

Excellent movie. Can watch it. Full time entertainer keeps u engaged throughout. Well directed action and acting is very good. Enjoy it with ur friends, family


a tight action thriller 4 months ago

a tight thriller type movie, beautifully picturesed. I didn't find any loose scene except the air port scene when she put her red cap on a sleeping girl who actually looks very similar to her. otherwise i was impressed. Full paisa wasul


Engaging story 4 months ago

Good crime and very engaging right from the word go. Overall nice movie to watch. Foy acting is superb and the places shown in the movie are treat to watch. After watching it gave us a novel reading effect.


waste 4 months ago

no proper story, poor climax, no proper action and even no proper emotion.Fails to deliver a viewer satisfaction.not recommended, better invest your time on something else.


Considerable 4 months ago

I liked a Hollywood movie after long time. 95% the movie connects you with the story and scenes. One time watchable with required attention.


Overall very good movie 4 months ago

Very good thriller, marvellous cinematography, fast pace movie..👍👍👍. Tight storyline and good acting by all characters. Though story is quite predictable.


below average 4 months ago

if I have a same expectations of its pre sequel girl with dragon tattoo ...u will be disappointed. poor story line , screenplay quite predictable.