green book 4 months ago

Amusing and touching true story. it shows colour prejudice and racism prevailing in the Deep South and the prejudicial treatment of celebrities and VIPs who were special invitees.


hurray! 4 months ago

It is definitely going to be a nominee for Oscars. According to me it's a win for sure! Do watch if you can, perfect blend of drama, emotions, comedy and little music.


Loved it. 4 months ago

One of the best movies I saw this year, both the protagonists were simply amazing. I in fact would love to watch it again. The movie makes you think, as well as feel. 10 on 10.


Beautiful Film and Experience 4 months ago

It feels good to come out of theaters with smiling faces and happy hearts! This film gives such beautiful feeling. Beautifully defined friendship, taking a very serious real story! A well spent time which makes you feel like watching it again ❤️


Amazing, definitely worth a watch. 4 months ago

Based on a true story, a great journey of friendship throughout one of the difficult times in history. Two people who are socially and individually different from each other.


Heartbreaking 4 months ago

a heartbreaking film that brings to light the rampant racism in the 60s in america. the story can easily be replicated in any other country as people are still extremely bigoted and intolerant. mahershala ali is a delight deserves an oscar