Loved it 4 months ago

Enjoyed it fun to watch both of them acted very well and the story was good I loved the ending thank you very much had a awesome time keep getting such movies


Awesome 4 months ago

Not a comic book or super hero movie but man!! It was good... !! a modest and clean true life story..I wanted after credits scene. Great movie for this season


beautiful movie 4 months ago

lovely movie it was. beautiful shot. bright. love that Italian guy. the way italians talk i love that. after godfather i love this guy in this movie. but you always feels like their something more supposed to be in it.


only few came to see the movie 4 months ago

we are like to see graphics in a English movie. acting was good but we need extra character with attactive conversation. Hope this movie not get more revenue in india


heartwarming movie 4 months ago

Absolute delight for a movie after a long time, a must watch feel good film, both the lead actors have done justice to their respective roles.

aradhana misra

Gem of a movie. 4 months ago

Green Book is an absolute delight of a film. A simple story that explores an unlikely friendship between Dr. Shirley and Tony. What adds to the beauty of this it is an inspired true story about them. Beautifully directed by Peter Farrely and wonderful performances by Mahershala Ali & Viggo Mortensen, Green Book is easily one of the best film of this year. Do not miss it.


Nice movie 4 months ago

it was good a short and simple story .. How both of them help each other in the journey. 👍👍👍👍👍👍... I will loved to watch again... u should watch this movie


heart felt story 4 months ago

early american way depicted perfectly with comic and wit, without taking any absurd turn, movie firmly delivers on story telling, friendship and love go and watch ali and viggio rocked the show,


Deserves Oscar 4 months ago

better than cgi movies.better than cgi moviesbetter than cgi moviesbetter than cgi moviesbetter than cgi moviesbetter than .It is a real life incident


Amazing !! 4 months ago

Great movie!! One this for sure, you’ll come out smiling after the movie. It’s a must watch for drama lovers. Beautifully made and very simple