unexpectedly amazing!!! 3 months ago

The movie proves that the real soul of a movie is the narration and presentation of a story, wonderful casting, very symbolic and thought provoking. Hats off!


simply superb 3 months ago

savoured the movie, brilliant, leaves you with a pleasant feeling, uplifting to see such a movie don't miss this, they don't make too many of movies like this


I'd place it in the top 3 movies of the year 3 months ago

Excellent story, performance by the artists, and cinematography. Not a dull moment in its entire runtime. The Mahershala Ali and Viggo Mortensen performances were brilliant. This movie better win awards.


Green Book 3 months ago

Awesome movie and excellent performances by Viggo and Mahershala. One can see glimpses of Robert De Niro in Viggo's performance... Overall a terrific movie...


Nice and Very well Directed Movie !! 4 months ago

Very well directed and conceptualised . Kudos to story writers, for capturing plight of afro american artists in hands of white racist pigs. Will left viewers to endless astonishment that even after successful reign of obama in United states, still racism prevails and hampers growth of afro americans very badly !!

dear user

amazing!! 4 months ago

what wonderful performances by Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Ali! fantastic script! what's remarkable is that this is based on a true story


Hilarious and heart warming. 4 months ago

The beginning it’s unconvincing that it is actually 60’s, however, later the cars help make it better looking. Tony is stereotypical Italian-American, Ali steals the show with charm and grace and a perfect Christmas heart warming story of friendship.


wonderful 4 months ago

The movie is so simple, yet so heart touching. The characters are so lovely and real. wonderful direction and acting. A must watch- you should not miss.


Green Book 4 months ago

Beautiful movie that came after a long time. Excellent choreography. This movie tells that love is a form of heart and should respect the person who is honest and brave.


You have to watch it to believe just how good a film it is ! 4 months ago

have honestly not seen something this heart warming in a very long time. I usually don't write reviews or review films here but the fact that I am indeed doing so for The Green Book should indicate just how much I Loved it and just good a film it is. A Must Watch