Beautify Movie 4 weeks ago

A wonderful movie that reminds us of our humanity. Beautifully executed in every department, it is one of those movies that stays with you..


moving tribute to the struggles of fitting in, while standing out... 4 weeks ago

exceptional performances by mahershala ali, as incredible versatality of vigo mortenson as Tony lip.. this is the guy who portrayed Aragorn (a king) in Peter jackson LOTR movie!!! definitely deserving the oscar nomination.. leaves us laughing, crying and still wanting more. not to mention the amazing work by the writers and director.


lovely! 1 month ago

superb movie. loved it to the core. an underated movie i would say. just go and watch. performances are excellent go and watch it and recommend


Great movie 1 month ago

Awesome great . Great storyline and very nice acting. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Light hearted , yet carrying a very strong message to everyone.


loved It 1 month ago

Feels good movie with a lot to learn from the lead characters. Rightly deserves an Oscar. love them Swedes. Viggo and Mads brilliant actors.


Oscar Winner 1 month ago

Both actors were great but Viggo Mortensen took it home! He definitely made the movie. It's a beautiful story of friendship. Nicely done!


green book 1 month ago

Dr. Don Shirley: Yes, I live in a castle! Tony. Alone! And rich white people pay me to play piano for them, because it makes them feel cultured. But as soon as I step off that stage, I go right back to being just another n***r to them. Because that is their true culture. And I suffer that slight alone, because I’m not accepted by my own people, because I’m not like them either! So if I’m not black enough, and if I’m not white enough, and if I’m not man enough, then tell me Tony, what am I?! amazing story of breaking racial stereotypes and friendship .


Heart melting and must watch 1 month ago

It's a heart melting and must watch films for all the friends out there. People who are racist should learn something out of this film. Acting is top notch and director literally will play with your emotions. Humor used in a very sensible manner and script is pretty simple but yet thought provoking.


Wonderful 1 month ago

Good humor, and a very realistically made movie. Both the lead actors have done a brilliant job playing their characters. Highly recommend it.


Warm-hearted and Humanity oriented 2 months ago

film describes racism in a black comic way.. and this Movie is all age movie. Everyone must watch it. I hope it gets Oscar for the Best Picture.