A good movie 3 weeks ago

Green book is indeed a good movie, but certainly not worth best movie Oscar award it was given. Viggo Mortensen was outstanding as Tony Lip. Nothing to take away from Mahershala Ali for role of Don Shirley, but for me viggo was the soul.


Not deserving 3 weeks ago

Roma and shoplifters were far better films then Green Book best movie and this film is not an Oscar winning film this year was really shocking


Pretty Great 3 weeks ago

The take on the American society regarding race, class and sexuality is done so intelligently and subtly amongst the overarching coming of age story between two strangers on a road trip. Perhaps a little long at certain points but no complaints besides that


Vigo Mortensen and Mahersha Ali you guys rock 3 weeks ago

Vigo Mortensen and Mahersha Ali you guys rock,...this movie is a must watch for all to know about friendship and caste hate thatwas prevalent in the US earlier and now as well i believe


oscar winning title 3 weeks ago

truly deserving oscar winning title this movie was great based on true story and showed true friendship between two men a must watch and light hearted movie 100/10 for this movie


Green Book 3 weeks ago

Finally the Oscar Academy have got it right after the debacle of previous years, Green Book portrays a vintage drama set in the 1970s of American Life and has a strong concept portrayed in a very best way thru a road trip concerning two protagonists probably after the Civil Rights Act or the events before it / Viggo Mortensen plays an ItAlian American struggling ends to meet family demands and A chance road trip to escort Mahershala Ali to famous music concerts to entertain White Rich Americans , so a strong concept portraying the kind of racism that existed in the America’s / what better than a road trip and the events that follow to convey the message of equality or bonding between two humans , what I actually like is the Vintage feel to the movie and the subsequent sequences that follow through out the theme of the movie depicting beautiful scenes adding good direction , Viggo Mortensen has done an amazing job portraying the accent of migrant Italians and the profile he has been asked to play adding much masculinity to the role and something similar to the Gangster / or the Mob that existed during those times / Mahershala Ali has also done a good job is @ is other half of the picture portraying a coloured musician trying to find his foot in America and this time does deserve the award for a far more better attempt than moonlight, however I would rather give this supporting actor award to Viggo Mortensen for the kind of acting he has done in the film / The movie does justify its motive in a very vintage and classy way but could have been more had they intensified the drama and adding some unpredictable thrills to the concept # Above all a treat to watch and right on target for the Oscars 2018 #


Brilliant film 3 weeks ago

An outstanding account of Dr. Don Shirley, who was an outstanding piano player and the driver he employed to drive him around America for 8 weeks. A film not to be missed.


Oscar winner 3 weeks ago

best movie Oscar winner 2019 is way good and must watch for all cinegoers..excellent chemistry with terrific comic timing between lead actors


Marvelous 3 weeks ago

A beautiful film with the subtle touch of harsh reality that was very evident for the Afro-Americans back in the 60's and how that impacted the overall behavior of the entire community. The way they have shown this serious issue in a very telling manner is remarkable and Viggo Mortensen is a standout performer in this lovely piece of cinema. Highly recommended for serious movie lovers and trust this review that you will come out of theatres with smiles on your faces. Just go for it.


Amazing 4 weeks ago

Potrai is so amazing , Every detail is so polished . I don't know they make such movies . I really enjoyed the character and chemistry of tony and Don Shirley .