Excellent 2 weeks ago

Each and every actors exactly depicted the behaviour,act..of the character throughout the movie indeed very realistic. A must watch and well directed.


Awesome 2 weeks ago

pure entertainment. the movie keeps you hooked till the end.Mahershala Ali and Vigo Mortensen's acting are amazing. The story is very heart warming.


Fabulous 3 weeks ago

One of the greatest movies talking about racism in the US of 1960s and the making of a friendship that breaks the then existing barriers of race and class. Based on a true story the movie is a must watch!


Green.... 3 weeks ago

Viggo n Mahershala was outstanding n performed on their toe throughout their journey across USA for performance. It’s perfect flick showcasing racism n finally a good happy ending...Experienced everything laughter, emotions, relations, friendship n much much beyond that...I got my mind blown away..Simply superb...


Clear Oscar winner, no doubt! 3 weeks ago

Wanted to see this movie even before getting Oscars, so that we go with less expectations..! But didn't get a chance... On winning Oscars, it has become a must-watch for me and I am really glad that it lived upto it with its great film making... The transformation of characters are done so effortlessly and so convincingly... 👍👌


Beautiful movie. 3 weeks ago

Viggo deserved best actor award. Amazing acting by him. A true professional performance. The movie itself is also very beautifully supported by all other actors.


Excellent!! 3 weeks ago

Hats off to the director for portraying the contrast so beautifully.. Everything is so perfect about the movie.. Great comic timing, emotions, laughter, relationship, etc. Nice to see such a movie in this era where heroes only kill villains.. This is a one of a kind movie and everyone should watch it.. Worth every penny spent!!


One of the worst movie of all time. 3 weeks ago

It's so bad. I don't understand if the academy was on crack when they selected this garbage for the Oscars. Then again who cares about Oscars anyway.


वंर्ण-भेद 3 weeks ago

60 के दशक में अमरिका में जो वंर्णभेद चल रहा था ..और ऐसे समय मेॆ मनुष्य के मानवी नैसर्गिक स्वभाव का सुक्ष्म दर्शन ईस फिल्म में होता है...मनुष्य की असली मानवता ,कर्तव्य सामाजिक जवाबदारी की समज ईस फिल्म से मिलती है...

Mahendra Dongre

touching movie 3 weeks ago

best picture of 91th academy awards, viggo mortenson and maharshala Ali acting top of the notch, the story itself it is a very human subjects