green book, a great book 51 minutes ago

wonderful flick, great directing, set's are outstanding, great acting....just very educational, moving and entertaining. what more could one want!?

jay tee

Admirable 4 days ago

Really nice story, acted very nicely that those characters actually take you along, superb piano music even after I don't understand anything about music or piano either.


#blewmeaway 7 days ago

An Extraordinary portrayal of 2 complex characters from absolutely different backgrounds. You gotta love the direction, pretty amazing. Exceptional!!! A MUST WATCH FROM MY SIDE


Phenomenal 1 week ago

Its very nice movie escpecially for those orthodox who believe in castiesm and religion kind of things. There is much more things ahesd of such things i.e Humanity and this movie is great example of it.


An outstanding feel good movie 1 week ago

This one definitely deserves the Oscar. It highlights multiple issues of society masterfully and in the subtlest of ways through a soothing story of two beings (each struggling in their own way).


Green book 1 week ago

One word ...It's Masterpiece. Screenplay was excellent and the story touches every person who watched the movie ... Excellent direction and both Mahershala Ali & Veego Mortensen was freaking awesome.

Sunando Roy Choudhury

Nice 2 weeks ago

very nice movie massage with fun...feel good movie...superb acting...rasicm in west is worst thing than caste system in India they did it openly shamelessly...nicely captured in movie..but now they have progressed like anything


Green Green bk 2 weeks ago

Yeah... Beautiful movie that came after a long time. Excellent choreography. This movie tells that love is a form of heart and should respect the person who is honest and brave.


Awesome. 2 weeks ago

One of the finest movies I have watched in recent times. Truly deserved the Oscar it won. Must watch with whole family. Superb Acting by both the lead actors. Great direction.


beautiful message on racisam 2 weeks ago

film give you a message regarding racisam. how a person can be broke from inside. but he only can make a change if he want towords world & heart.