Masterpiece 5 days ago

such a wonderful work from MARVEL. A strong female lead to prove that women may come rarely but when they come, they make it look male heroes are rag dolls(no offence). First of the marvel's women superhero not including the sidekicks as black widow and scarlet witch. Avengers:Endgame should be awesome.


very nice movie 6 days ago

we need to see infinity war to understand this movie. very nice movie. Nice graphics done by marvel. this movie is needed to see end game movie. to understand end game movie we need to see this, please don't miss this movie


Well... 6 days ago

It was not that great and all, it just felt like they fitted in this character who were like special and all just so that they have a solution for end game, or the snap.

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It is the begining of End Game 6 days ago

Every past mysteries are now clear. Ronan will be back. I am not sure, whether it will be in End game or second part of CM will come. Desperately waiting


Abhik 6 days ago

not getting any new words to describe the movie MARVEL has nailed it CAPTAIN MARVEL(BRIE LARSON) she was just killer and if u have not seen this movie u r going to regret it so go and watch it


Kya movie hai boss 6 days ago

mai to movie pe fida Hoon bas end game ki deri hai haahahahahahahahahahgahaahhehehehehehhehehehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehehehehheheeh


Story 6 days ago

I mean after watching ragnarok infinity war n black panther your expectations are high..but this was'nt overall it is a fine movie.


Amazing' movie 6 days ago

It is awesome movie with many high end visual effects and great storyline. I loved the post credit scene as it has captain America, Bruce Banner, Black widow and falcon. It is a fantastic movie and suggested to anyone to watch.


Great visuals and story 6 days ago

Loved the movie! Hadn’t followed the comic story but was pleasantly surprised with the plot and filming. It also happens to be an important link in the ongoing Avengers Movie franchise. I highly recommend watching this movie. Cheers


superb 6 days ago

It was really superb movie to know how 'Captain Marvel" will be the part of Avengers. It is really worth to watch movie for Avengers fans. It helps to connect things of infinity war and "Avengers-Endgame".. Me and my kids are really excited to watch Avengers-Endgame. We really enjoyed this movie.