Bestest 😘 1 week ago

A must watch guys ! Beautiful Storyline and events ❀️ I Think All the characters portrayed thier role perfectly. "No animals were harmed while shooting the film" you will get the reference while you see the movie πŸ˜‚


Not good but not terrible. 1 week ago

Captain Marvel is an average, fun, Marvel movie which is not that good but not terrible either. I'm not really into Brie Larson being Captain Marvel and her being the new face of MCU. I think that is unacceptable. Nick Fury and Skrulls are the main highlights of the movie. The most STUPIDEST scene in this movie is how Fury lost his eye. That's the most DUMBEST thing Marvel studios has ever done.


fantastic movie 1 week ago

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awesome 1 week ago

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Waste of time and money 1 week ago

Waste of money I’d rather watch fukrey 4 times jdjcjcjckdkfjcjcncncnfjcncncjcjcjcnkcjcfjfkkffkdkdkkdkdkdkxkxkckckckckcndowodneodnffnjeekkfmcmvvmvmvnfmfmdmdmdmdmdmdkdkskskdkdkdlslslsldlsldlddkdkmffmkrododldkxxmfndk


Amazing 1 week ago

just go and watch it if you are a marvel fan , it will blow your mind and you will loose the ability to wait for AVENGERS ENDGAME seriously just watch it


It's just good. 1 week ago

The movie was just fine. It didn't match my expectation, overall it was not an action packed movie. But its is only for MARVEL freak people.

Shaik Omar

wast 1 week ago



must watch if Marvel fan 1 week ago

it connected so many missing dots and a glimpse of endgame.. goosebumps ❀️.. people who love the idea on which Marvel movies are based and how the story is connected to all other Marvel movies.. they gonna love this


Okayish 1 week ago

Not much of an action it's okayish a one time watcher, family based movie. A bit more could have been done!... Agvdjdjxygsjsxuhdjahxbxjssijchsdhvfjsj