Brilliant 1 week ago

This MCU movie is brilliant and awesome. The story of movie, and action is really good and enjoyable. But to understand the story you have to watch MCU s all movie.


marvellous 1 week ago

really awesome marvel movie before the endgame vfx,cinematography,background score,emotions,brie larson acting is superb,and all the action scene in the movie is mindblowing..


not so inspiring..good humour.. 1 week ago

I went with great excitement but came out with little disappointment. The ease of destroying villains is not inspiring. Fury's humour was fun. I loved it.


Gets Bored. Don't watch with MCU movie enthusiasm 1 week ago

First marvel movie ever i watched with so much patience and I was disappointed with that. Story telling is 80% and action is 20% only. Nick fury's little comedy tweeks are nice though. Below average movie.


each scene in the movie is like a diamond,love it 1 week ago

waiting for {C.M.} captain marvel in AVENGERS: END GAME 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😍😍😍😍😍😍 All the best Marvel studios for Avengers end game this is your fan- Nikhil vedagiri


One of the worst mcu films 1 week ago

The badassness of fury got wiped out all coz they wanted stupid marvel humour... And people will love that and praise mcu... The character captain marvel is boring but jude law's and sam jackson stand out. Visuals were ok. Credits were lame coz without any reason and how, she just shows up outta nowhere 🤷🏽‍♂️


An average movie 1 week ago

this movie cannot beet with any of the Marvel universe series.Can't waste money on this, Better wait for end game. Hope she don't ruin then avengers 😋


awesome movie 1 week ago

must watch. brie Larson is too good. nick fury eye secret is revealed 😂😂😂. she is a genuine game changer . it's the base of avengers movie


fantabulous movie 👌👌 1 week ago

beautifully directed, and their signature style linking up each and everything in the end so well that wow is the word you utter. a must watch movie specially for Avengers fan base


Captain Marvelous 1 week ago

Marvel does it again ,It's a decent film has good action,the plot is quite weak .Brie Larson has done her part really well. The villain like any other Marvel movie fails in comparison to the hero. overall a decent movie . I think it would have been better. The beginning was slow drag.but the climax was just awesome.