Most Phenomenol, Awesome & Pure Piece of Marvel 6 days ago

I'm a Marvel Fan Since My Childhood, My First Movie Was The Hulk & after that i became Fan of Marvel. About this movie i would luv to say tht every scene was Mesmerizing, full of suspense & Action tht every true marvel fans want specially when Cap became Worthy ⚑😍 woohoo tht scene will alwayz givr me goosebumps. I'm Die Hard Fan of Captain America (I Like all The Avengers ❀️ & respect everyone) but Captain is My Idol & Alwayz will be.



I have never seen before such type of movies like this in my life such a great movie of Marvel Studios the ending war was extraordinary blockbuster superb & mind blowing I loved it very much for which I was waiting since one year by watching the trailer you can't judge its goodness and story and scenes but after watching it you will think that that chiller was fake our Bollywood should also like to make such kind of this types of movies they will got a good response from the audience MUST WATCH IF U R A MARVEL LOVER


Revengers 1 week ago

The best MCU movie,it was a pure art and the best action and adventure movie.I was very happy to see all Avengers coming back to life.Specially for Spiderman as he is my favourite


Can't tell how good it is.... 1 week ago

JUST FRICKING REWATCHABLE AN INFINITE who ever didn't watched it in theatres...pls watch it by buying the movie in bluray or in YouTube


greatest movie of world 1 week ago

best movie in world i will miss ironman😭😭😭😭i wish that ironman will come back best movie ever marvel requesting u plz bring ironmam back he is my favourite hero of marvel plz pzl


awesome full of entertainment 1 week ago

Mindblowing Movie & Specially the ending was too good... full of action, comedy, drama & emotions. The top earning film leads the way to the top...


awesome 1 week ago

cool and loved Millie Bobby brown 😍😍 thanks died still I wanted him to live longer and kill the avengers that woul be just awesome and very dark also


avengers endgame 2 weeks ago

Captain America is the best and he is worthy why falcon is captain falcon... and why iron Man died and why Spiderman is the next Ironman ...


worst movie 2 weeks ago

waste of money !! 😑😑😑😑😠🀬😠😑😠😑🌜😠😠🌜😑😠🀬😠🌜😠😑😠😠🀬😠😠🀬😠🀬😑😠😑😠😑😠🀬😑🀬😠🀬😠😑😠😑😠🀬😠😑😑😠🀬😠🀬😠😑😠🀬😠😑😑🀬😠😠🀬😠😑🌞😀🀬😠🀬😠😠🀬😠🀬😀😑


worst marvel movie ever i got disappointed as there was no comedy no entertainment just the same concept as infinity war but worse i want another avengers movie coming soon people's curiosity made the movie a box office hit 2 weeks ago

since infinity war was the first movie where thanos was there i thought that it was better than endgame and iron masm sound was a very sad part how can he yield the infinity stones and not die