The best movie of the decade 6 days ago

Just like the trailer expected...the movie delivers a full pack action sequel combined with emotional moments. The movie is a product of the finest works by Marvel Studios as it revolves around all events around the MCU universe so far of how the remaining avengers try to overturn the destruction done by Thanos


It was amazing movie ever i saw 6 days ago

I feel sad for tony but he is the best .I like that the all super heroes came back like spider man ,black panther ,doctor strange and captain America can use mioneer and that was the best scene ever!!!


Loved the Endgame 6 days ago

I loved this movie. I love the marvel series from childhood Even I am also a child now😁. Really the russo bros are the father of creativity HATS OFF TO THE MARVEL TEAM...


lifetime best Marvel film 6 days ago

this movie you have to watch in 3d English only. please don't watch in local language. you will not feel the movie. overall best Avengers film till now.


A perfect tribute to β€οΈπŸ’™ 6 days ago

juusstt awweessoomee😍😍😍😍😍, a perfect ending to infinity saga, n best result of 22 films, Avengerss... Assemble 😍😍🀘🀘🀘


exceptionally well directed movie. 6 days ago

Awesome movie. My 8 eight year old liked this much better than 1st part. He did not took a single break other than interval ! And it was a 3 hour movie. If a movie can keep interest of a 8year old for 3hours, than it has to be excellent! 5 stars from our family.


Avengers Endgame 6 days ago

A movie must watch for all the Marvel fans as emotions are mixed in and dialogue delivery is fantastic by everyone. Kids just loved it. Looking forward the movie to be the no.1 grossing movie on earth!


Not seen anything like this!! 7 days ago

Have seen it twice so far and I am sure I'll have another go! It's what was promised and way more than that. The characters are in top form and sentiment is subtle, as opposing the action, which doesn't cease to amaze.


End game 7 days ago

SEMA mass ,I liked very much mostly I like iron man,but he was died ,I cried in theatre for his dead,so be a Marvel fan and rock it,must see it on theatre and crack the spoilers


Phenomenal 7 days ago

The movie goes beyond expectations. culmination of 22 movies couldn't have been better than this. In short, we all love Avengers Endgame 3000!!