Record breaking movie 6 days ago

This is one of the best movies of 2019 it entertains you a lot only a true marvel fan will understand the post credit scene. This is a masterpiece in superhero movies.

rocking trishal

Whatever it takes! 6 days ago

Memory down the lane! Emotional, sad, happy, excited, surprised... That's what the movie made me! It's not just a movie, but and EMOTION, FEELING THAT CAN'T BE EXPLAINED


cool! 6 days ago

nice amazing movie it would be more Bette r if iron Man was aliveuehrihwwieheiwsjejrueueieieeoriririririririrurireeieieieirururururueueueueueueieiieueususudueueueierii


Slow start but picks up 6 days ago

I almost slept through the first half; had it not been for Thor. A bit disappointed with the slow pace of the movie; however, it did pick up in the second half, the war sequence could have been much better. Everything was rushed.


Mindblowing 6 days ago

There is no other movie that can come close to the brilliance of this epic culmination of MCU.This movie probably is the best movie of all time.


aaa- mazing 6 days ago

awesome movie. loved it. I had everything- action, comedy, drama,. really hardwork and planning of all Marvel's movies comes together and pays off here. just loved it.


EPIC BATTLE 6 days ago

First of all, no spoilers. An exceptional ending to Avengers series. The movie has been kept simple, emotional not stretching any of situation and funny at points to change our mood. But the Big Pack of action burst at last moments. Truly amazing use of VFX. Heartbreaking and Breathtaking moments. Spice of Thrill at selected moments. Through at beginning its bores at the point but that was very less n Don't affect positivity of movie more than 5%. A bunch of unexpected moments which jumbles the entire MCU timeline...Climax suits the title of the movie... Surely for me the MCU movie till date... Just book the tickets now n go to watch Avengers Endgame...


Legendary 6 days ago

Legendary movie. Was thinking if the story could have been written without killing the Ironman and black widow characters which was a disappointment.


Once in a lifetime movie 6 days ago

It will break your heart,cheer you up and will leave you with awe inspiring nostalgia as the end credits roll.As the credits roll,the avengers theme plays and RDJ's name comes up,you will clap with tears in your eyes.


Ever seemed like this movie 6 days ago

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