Exilent movie 5 days ago

😍 Extraordinary... 😘 Mind blowing... 🤩 Outstanding movie vfx is superb all cast act is perfectly fit to the frame final verdict film is perfect


Avengers Assemble! 5 days ago

People expected many things from them but they didn't expect Perfection!! I mean what a movie! The Direction! The Cinematography! Loved it!!


best movie ever made 5 days ago

best movie ever made and it was the best movie ever made and the best movie ever made the best movie ever made and the best movie ever made and the best movie ever made.


Loved this 3000 5 days ago

It was such a great movie and an emotional one too. I have never cried so much watching a movie. Everyone must watch this movie. It really was a great ending to a decade long story.


obviously mind-blowing 5 days ago

the movie was fantastic and animation moves and the storyline was fab, mind-blowing movie in true terms enjoyed to watch the movie and I'll wish to watch it again.


The EndGame 5 days ago

Absolutely mind blowing. Robert gives the performance of a lifetime. Kudos to Brolin for bringing life to one of the best adapted villains ever. And yeah .. I can do this all day


best ever 5 days ago

amazing film...must watch... infinity war was an out an out action film...but this has its heart in the right place...emotional saga finally ends with a Bang!!!


fake 5 days ago

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Amazing 5 days ago

The movie was really nice except for the part where Nat and Stark died that was really heartbreaking 💔 but the way they showed how Iron Man died was really nice...


it's gives a symbiotic feeling to me 5 days ago

what a movie to watch as a Marvel fan. a bit of nostalgic touch but a pretty sad experience to see my childhood characters passing a hard time