Amazing 5 months ago

A bit curious Harry Potter will definitely like the movie. It reveals some dark secrets and introduces some new characters. Eddie Redmayne has been amazing throughout the movie.


average 5 months ago

not up to the mark, it is more like a drama movie, not in par with the first episode, a little bit disappointed, not enough magic, okay screen play


It was just one amazing movie!! 5 months ago

Loved the cinematography, loved the effects and the move overall was so so good 😍 the ending was just so unexpected too!! looking forward for the next!


Okayish movie 5 months ago

Not much of suspense or thrill in the movie. The movie is just created to have one more prequel. Mediocre acting and not good enough plot...


Fantastic!! 5 months ago

I loved everything about it. Would see it again if I had the time. Highly recommend it. My daughter also enjoyed it immensely. The beasts were so amazing!


Lived up to the expectations! 5 months ago

I expected a lot and it delivered just that. Johnny Depp and Eddie Redmayne were fantastic to say the least. The buildup to the third is amazing! Look forward to it!


I did want it to end.... 5 months ago

You become nostalgic when you take a trip back to Hogwarts, & the magical world that is your fantasy for lifetime.. I didn't want it to end!


half movie 5 months ago

the movie story is half and climax might be in next part. VFX are good but some more fantastic beat scene means good. overall average too many characters. must watch for harry poter lovers.


Not as expected 5 months ago

Jhonny Depp was terrible , All else were okay only , It was sort of a build up for the sequel to the next movie when Dumble Dore will kill Grindlewald


very poor 5 months ago

it's a total messy job by the director when compared to the 1st sequel. not worth it. too many characters dropping in without any connection. Totally confusing.