great movie 5 months ago

Enjoyed it immensely. Watched it with my children- they loved it too! Reminded me of the Harry Potter movies. The script and characters- are a bit complicated but the film has been directed well so it flows nicely.

dear user

It's a story building for next part 5 months ago

it's basically story building and character introduction... and background before final battle. 80%of action scenes you already seen in trailer.


Plot is good 5 months ago

The fantasy is good with good visual effects. A drag towards Albus’s past and No-maj pure blood distinctive thoughts is awesomely depicted.


it's was good 5 months ago

it could have been more better acting was good story and some parts could be better it was suprising that the movie was dull lol ohk good done


Good one but short 5 months ago

waiting for the next part. I hate it when there are multiple open ends. But this part felt like very short with little story content. However, it's entertaining..


Fantastic in all departments. 5 months ago

Great taking and Redmayne was outstanding. Once again Rowling story is the best. Depp n Jude law r saviours. More grindelwald movies need to be made.

Dhani Babu

FANTASTIC!! 5 months ago

It's crazy amazing ✌️ a must watch for Harry Potter fans! There is a great progress in the story can't wait for the next part with the defeat of Grindelwald🙅


Great. 5 months ago

Great movie but not as the first part. First part runs in a linear storyline . but this movie has too many sub plots . still tho loved the characters played by Johnny Depp and Eddie redmayne . waiting for it's sequel


Way to confusing 5 months ago

Too many sub-plots, characters not properly introduced, canon mistakes. There is no focus in the movie - anything and everything is just happening all at once.


Fantasy 5 months ago

The movie’s visuals are spectacular, and the action is thrilling- - couple of moments are even a bit jump worthy- - but this installment lacks of charm and discovery of its predecessor.Paris is a beautiful setting.

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