Nice 5 months ago

Nice to watch for frst time, if u knw the stories of harry porter thn its good to watch it. Johny Depp and Jude Law wer excellent in their role


Amazing beasts good magic effetcs 5 months ago

Very good movie and amazing magic effects. Very good for Harry Potter lover and it is quite better prequel than the first movie. I will recommend you to watch this movie


mind boggling..!! 5 months ago

movie unfolds lot of secrets... some important characters from Potter series. Ravenclaws history is explained.. Grindelwald is just Amazing.


It’s was good but expected a little more 5 months ago

After entering into the hall with expectation of fantastic beast part 1 , the movie started of slow and steady , but it didn’t win the race .


it's ok 5 months ago

mainly theoretical knowledge about wizarding families and is the sequel of the first movie, so don't expect any action in this movie. BUT THIS MOVIE IS GOOD FOR WIZARDING GEEKS.


Good movie 5 months ago

Nice movie to revisit down the memory lane of Harry Potter. Some flaws are there.but a question remains:who is the 3rd brother and what is his connection towards albus Dumbledore...


Great for those who know their books 5 months ago

Excellent graphics. Good time pass for fans. The idea of watching Dumbledore in his prime is great. The beasts are awesome. But need to really listen hard to catch everything


A good one! 5 months ago

I enjoyed the film. I think this was a crucial part in the Fantastic Beasts series for all the harry potter series. A must watch film and an entertaining film


Average. Great for HP fans. 5 months ago

Introduced many characters. That did make the story interesting. Ending was average. Unnecessary drama. I'm now interested in reading the book.


good 5 months ago

good but slow like first part. it should be like the other Harry Potter series like it should have some excitement and adventure but overall it is good.