Spaz Harry Potter 4 months ago

Basically Harry Potter but there is less magic, more America (less America was required, America is always required less than whatever amount is there), Dumbledore is M, where James Bond (Newt Scamander) is spastic and has just about as much charm as a half eaten donut, there is a dragon who is basically a cat and Voldemort in this one takes after Hitler, has nu-metal hair in what is presumably pre-second world war, has a nose, is called Grindelwald and is Johnny Depp. Also, Muggles are called No-Majs in this one because of America. For the same reason that they call Pavements, Sidewalks and Horse Riding, Horseback riding.


Where are the crimes 4 months ago

Pathetic and very slow movie. I just wanted to quit by the interval time but unable to do so. Did not expect such a movie from fantastic beast series


ending though 4 months ago

i loved it.. especially newt. and baby nifflers.. climax scene and claudia turning into nagini gave me goosebumps.. treat for the eye.. in love with this fandom


Awesome 4 months ago

Great Movie with good story related with Harry Potter series. Loved watching it . Great Creatures and the most loved that little cute createure


Not as good as first part. One time watch for beautiful visuals. 4 months ago

The visuals are good in the movie. But I felt they dragged the movie content a bit more. The most valued scene is the climax and last scene. Other things are visual treat.


Expected more action 4 months ago

the slowness of muvi might hurt fans..storywise the film was good and yet another big surprise at the end of the movie was awesome. Acting wise, if you expecting much of Jonny Depp you might get upset although it was decent


Not like Harry Potter movie 4 months ago

i think it will be as interesting as the harry Potter movies were. The movie is not able to bind the audience, its a one time watch only. I think there is some problem in direction.


all about Grindelwald 4 months ago

this movie is full of amazing performances by all the actors... this story once again revolve around newt and his mission...but you will find some new characters with unsaid backstory


Fantastic 4 months ago

Nice story & me and my friends are enjoyed the movie but in some case you need to watch fantastic beast part 1 it helps to clarify the story


fantastic but only for the fans 5 months ago

a once in a year momment for every hp fan to relive their fantasy,a fantastic creation by the writter again but for people who r not a hardcore fan the flim might get messy for you,so if you already belong to this world of wizards the it will be a great flim and if new to this world i will suggest to first go and become a part of this fandom.