Lots of Fun! 4 months ago

It was an absolute blast revisiting some.of the old haunts in this one. Hogwarts for one. So many little small connections with the old stories it was quite pleasant and engrossing to discover. All in all it was much better than I had original thought it might be!


As magical as any other HP movie 4 months ago

Had me glued to my seat but it was little slow and story seemed like they have added somethings on purpose to add time in comparison with the first part. But seeing young Dumbledore was crazy!


Loved it! 4 months ago

JK Rowling’s writing never disappoints and neither did the movie. Loved the special effects. Cannot wait for the third movie in the series.


magical creatures 4 months ago

a magical world with the same theme of one man needing control of everything whatever has to be sacrificed to achieve that the smart evil seducing good and bad alike


protect the secrets 4 months ago

awesome movie,just loved it,better than the first,feeling nostalgic,cant wait for the next one,the climax was awsome.had watched 1st day 1st show


Me. Reviewer 4 months ago

Fantastic movie fantastic movie special effects and storyline and characters everything is perfect. Must watch movie if you are fan of Harry Potter movies


A must watch for all Hogwarts fans.. 4 months ago

Albus Dumbledore... Hogwarts... I was relieving my childhood... It was goofy... It was amazing... This is how you keep hogwarts in everyone's hearts forever..!!!


Boring 4 months ago

Just one word - Total boring.. Wanted to leave the show..At first it is quite entertaining but gradually it gets hopelessly boring & for long time there's no action.. It's just stupid


work of art 4 months ago

loved every second of it. worth the price of admission. twists and turns, graphics were amazing. running out of words..haha.. bla bla bla bla


yayjjjdjjdjdjdfjjf 4 months ago

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