intriguing!! 4 months ago

it was fun to watch crimes of Grindelwald as it creates an aura setup by the first movie and creates a bridge for the next just has the right kind of strategy as seen in the Harry Potter films...surely its another JK Rowling classic in the making.


must watch 4 months ago

certainly the best of graphics effects and storytelling . every Harry Potter fan will love it though this is a new advanture set far before the time.


Fantastic!! 4 months ago

Outstanding imagination and well knit, executed plot that let's you enjoy the movie moment after moment as it unravels characters, giving you a window to JK's world of Fantasy!!


okayish 4 months ago

the ending was such let down, it's like two movies are made just to set background for a third. In potter series each movie was complete in its own sense.


Fantastic movie 4 months ago

Movie takes you into the world of magic for two hours rest all apart . Stunning and breathtaking visuals will make us forget the real world for 2 hours. raveling


NOT TOO GOOD 4 months ago

It was a bit of a drag.Everything like the cast,direction etc is good except the screenplay which seemed like the most attractive factor as it was written by my one time favourite Rowling.Very much disappointed in the dialogues.Some of them made you cringe.


Very very bad 4 months ago

Coming from a true Harry Potter fan, the crimes of G doesnt even comes close to what it could have been. Even with a powerful cast of Jonny Depp and Jude Law, the movie fails to even make a dent on the minds and doesnt reach the expectations. The direction is poor. Kindly dont watch on the big screen and waste your time and money.


Pretty good movie 4 months ago

The movie was pretty good, but there was one thing that just didn’t make sense. Minerva mcgonagall isnt even supposed to be born, and yet she is now teaching in hogwarts as a professor.


a new magical journey 4 months ago

it's sort of prequel to HP series. though timeline don't fit much but it's amazing to see young one's of famous HP character. though plot is extremely slow to built up and quite confusion too. but it's Rowling's style.


Great magic tricks 4 months ago

The movie over all had great magic tricks , but it was a filler movie. Waiting eagerly for the next part. Acting was on point and the theme of the movie was apt. The movie lacked action sequence.