Well Acted 5 months ago

For those who are used to the Silver Bearded Dumbledore and Slits for Nostrils Voldemort, this might not satisfy you... for those who have not read Harry Potter Books, will find it difficult to connect to the movie... but to the Potterheads who have lived every word of the book, this is a delight!


Way Below Expectations 5 months ago

Superb star cast but movie went down hill after amazing opening sequence, harry potter ref here and there but plot felt so bad, way worse than 1st part.


Strictly for Potterheads.. 5 months ago

While this movie has the usual doses of what one has come to expect from this franchise, this movie is super slow and can be a real drag for someone who isn’t a hard core fan of these movies. There is no sense of urgency even in the most tense situations and things seem to drift along at most times. While the introduction of Dumbledore raises the interest levels and also the nostalgia factor in the Hogwarts scenes, his role is limited and almost seems to be holding himself back. And the big reveal about Credence is quite disappointing and seems to have been introduced to just create artificial excitement rather than blending into the story and providing a sense of familiarly/linkage to the original Harry Potter stories.


average movie 5 months ago

was expected more of pre sequel story and adventure but was up to the mark, 1st part was much more better expectations are more in coming parts


good movie... 5 months ago

it is very good movie for Harry Potter fans. If you have seen all parts of Harry Potter and fantastic beats where to find them, then you will find it interesting. Otherwise you will not get everything from film...so in short it is a good movie.


Magic Mislaid but visual effects balanced it 5 months ago

Movie doesn't grab much of an attention for a wizading world fan as the movie includes pretty decent tricks, apart from that amazing visual effects and


Average 5 months ago

Not so good as first part. Too many characters interlinked. Some characters were unnecessary. Movie was slow. Expected a lot from Johnny Depp's character. Of course he justified his role, but role didn't justify him.


BRILLIANT 5 months ago

going to watch it again. brilliant addition to the series. can't wait for the next part. though it might be difficult to understand for non potterheads since so many plotlines are working simultaneously.

Rainbows &

Average 😐 5 months ago

Not so much impressive. I thought there should be some more existing elements through the story line. But director fails in keeping audience alive in theatre.


mildly entertaining 5 months ago

If its been long since you last saw the movie or you have little week memmory..various parts of the story will fly over your head. vfx are amazing. ending was abrupt.