Amazing 5 months ago

Amazing movie. Worth a watch. If it would have been done in 3D it would have been a real good experience. If possible watch in 4dx the experience will be real good


So much suspense !!!! 5 months ago

There's so much to go crazy about ... Hogwarts theme, Jude Law as Dumbledore, Nagini 😳 and Credence's identity !!! The films makes you beg for more


Good Movie 5 months ago

It’s a must watch. Beautifully done. You would not feel bored or disinterested. I loved the movie. Going back to Hogwarts, seeing Dumbledore, and if you have read the books understanding the connections between Harry Potter and this one. All are the good parts. There us nothing bad in it actually


Full dark movie 5 months ago

I have been harry potter fan & even the Fantastic Beast and where to Find them. But certainly this movie took unexpected twist and turn at the end. Overall the movie is dark, no happy moments but the it has great story line up. Eager to see the 3rd part and what it will be called.


awesome 5 months ago

awesome action and acting as well. I love the Jhonny depp action, even the coustume design also good. nothing to compromise. every shot is worth millions.must watch.


Must Watch! 5 months ago

Of course. It is a sequel of Fantastic Beasts and prequel of HP. They had to meet at some junction, it was all the same era and that's evident. The transition and the merge is done beautifully. loved the twist. waiting for the next part.


Really Awesome Movie! 5 months ago

The action, the storyline everything was amazing!!! The characters have done really good acting and the ending is also breathtaking and confusing at the same time.


It’s just not good 5 months ago

I went to watch it by reading the reviews here but it didn’t turned out as good as the reviews are here ... i went with my frnd he hated it like anything n was telling me to leave it in the middle . Movie feels stretched n bores u ... 👎🏻


Surreal story by Rowling... 5 months ago

Super unfolding..3rd installment will be a must watch.. Lestrange family secret revealed..Dumbledore tree line yet to be unraveled..


relive the magical fantasy 5 months ago

good treat for potter fans. relive the magical world with lots of suspense, thrill and twists... enjoy the world of fantastic beasts... love it so much...