superb 5 months ago

The only irony here is though movie is pre era period from Harry Potter series, it is made outstanding than latter. Movie wise it is a very standard movie. different from other movie sequence


binge watch 5 months ago

it's absolutely enjoying to watch the shenanigans of scamanader. the movie shows us new layers of various families of the Potter verse. the movie ends with a final flourish and brings in a twist which was outside the Potter books


Decent Watch !!! 5 months ago

There was an attempt to tell us a story that was going to span beyond this movie. The twists were interesting but let's all hope this doesn't become another X Men franchise where we get timelines that are very hard to understand.


pretty good 5 months ago

not so interesting movie missing the main character of harry potter, we have so much intrestrd to watch but literally we dont like the movie the Trailer is show something more overall not up to the mark


One time watch 5 months ago

Screen play and graphics are superb watched it in imax big screen awesome experience story wasn't upto mark it could have been much better have.


Masterstroke by J.K Rowlings 5 months ago

Better than expected and compared to last one. This one gave more references to Harry Potter series and feels awesome. For those. who wants the magic to flow through their minds again, go for it.


Amazing creation by David Yates 5 months ago

Movie is very slow moving and intense and it really needs lot of patience to enjoy the film throughout it's run. Tests your patience till the end, yet it's an amazing movie you can hardly recognize Johny Depp😅


johnny depp is awesome 5 months ago

awesome movie. Strictly for potter buffs. Grindlewald's portrayal is absolutely spot on. Johnny depps natural charisma is on song here, just like in pirates of thr carribean. Dont pay heed to negative international reviews. I think they are lobbied. movie is very good especially beginning and the ending.


Not Bad 5 months ago

It's not a WoW movie, but very enjoyable and fun to watch. The relationship between the two great wizards was a bit awkward for a casual viewer like me. But overall not bad


Vfx is good 5 months ago

Not as much as like the first part.The climax is not creating hype.The visuals are wonder.All the best.The chinnese zuio is awesome.My rating is 60%