Nice 5 months ago

Movie leaves you expecting something more which has to come I suppose in next part, Dumbeldore be aware I guess. Story is good and making of Villian is nice


Nice 5 months ago

Visual effects are Amezing. Story line are connected to herry pottor that is Greate. if you fan of herry pottor then you will must watch this movie. I would like to watch all the sequels of this movie


Despite the bad reviews, the film is quite understandable for people who can connect to all Harry Potter books and movies at all scenes 5 months ago

I must mention too that the film is mostly a preparation for what's to come next in the five-part franchise. On a whole, pretty convincing and integral.


I 5 months ago

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Fantastic Feast 5 months ago

A superb movie of Sequel of the Prequel Series of the Harry Potter. Many twists and plots around. A must watch to get more connections to Harry Potter.


Boring 5 months ago

way below expectation . the story is stale and outdated. expected better from one of the best writers. too much coincidence to have Lestrange and Dumbledore switched on a ship to USA


Down 5 months ago

This Crimes Of Grindelwald is very very very boring... Apart from the performances, nothing is good in the movie... Grip has been lost badly...


For the feel of magical graphics 5 months ago

It was fantastic, u would like watching such magical graphics considering I'm a Harry Potter huge fan and haven't watched any of the films in theater.


Never Ending Movie 5 months ago

such a worsely edited movie. movie goes on and on and on making progress only after every 10 mins.. Been there with my friends and we fell asleep


No storyline 5 months ago

Though the movie is full of amazing effects but NO STORYLINE...Leading to a boring time. Disappointing. Just go if you like watching the effects on screen. NOTHING WORTH WATCHING.