Introduction 5 months ago

So the 2nd part was just the introduction of the characters, I personally expected a lot but the movie is just ok, for stars is for being a harry potter fan


Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald (U/A) 5 months ago

one time watch. not much to write about. good graphics but not enough to capture the audience attention . the hall had only 8 patrons which shows how it's being viewed by others. enjoyed the popcorn though 😊


Best Movie as expected 5 months ago

Another must watch movie from the Potter universe. The characters were very interesting. Kept us on the edge of our seats the entire time. Waiting eagerly for the next...


Magical as much as it was supposed to be 5 months ago

Couldn't get any better, loved all characters all works everything!!! The magnificent end scene, new magical beasts, Jacob coming back, crazy Quennie, Nagini, Leta loved it all! potterhead forever!


purely amazing 5 months ago

the movie is fantastic, you can actually feel the huge amount of thought process involved. It raises more questions than it answers but again isn't that a great thing ?


Overall 5 months ago

Some how not interesting .We shall see how it is in next episodes .the cinematography is good butt wanted to see some mire action technology is good but we used to see in normal pictures story content is also overall ok


Fantastic 5 months ago

Got to know the initial Crimes of Grindelwald. Would have loved it if it were in 3D. Hoping the next one is. This one had lesser beasts but magnificent, nevertheless.


I loved it. 5 months ago

It took me back to Harry Potter. The movie connects all the characters very all. loved the suspense and story. The only disappointment was, not releasing the movie in 3D.


Loved it 5 months ago

The movie was great and the beasts were just astonishing. And if you are a potterhead then you have to see this. Can't wait for the 3rd part because there was kind of a cliff hanger at the end.


Slow but gripping movie 5 months ago

The movie was a bit slow. Slow screenplay. Character introduction was good. But the introduction of plot twist was highly unexpected. Performance of Jude law as albus dumbledore was good