rightly named fantastic beasts 5 months ago

Movie started slow , lot of good scenes . But end was not as expected like first part , at least we do know that there might be a next part .


One time watch 5 months ago

Movie is bit slow and too much stretched in terms of 1st part... but still the graphics n acting of actors keep you engage... Johnny Depp is awesome as always


One time watch 5 months ago

A shabby sequel to a promising movie. Seems like an average attempt to milk the franchise by retconning the lore. If you're a Potterhead, this movie will leave you feeling as confused as a boggart


Good movie underrated 5 months ago

Go watch if you are Harry Potter fan. It has good animation. Few visual effects are are the best in all the HP movies.. The story will be continued in next movie so no disappointment there.


A movie strictly for Harry Potter fans 5 months ago

An average kind of movie. It can be understood only by those who are aware of JK Rowling characters. Worth a watch with no high expectations.


Visual treat 5 months ago

Great Visuals , highlighting magical world and bring it onto the big screen. Sensible story that connects the dots and takes narrative forward. Only regret probably is movie should have been released in 3D in India, too. It’s made for 3D experience !


Wonderful 5 months ago

The movie creates a foundation story about Dumbledore, credence and Grindelwald. It is beautifully directed and the transition effects are amazing.


Entertaining Movie 5 months ago

We enjoyed the movie with it's constant action. Worth a look in. Movie could have been Organised better. A bit confusing . I am certainly waiting for a sequel. All in all,it was a nice Movie.


average.. 5 months ago

it could have been much better story wise..tried to reach the level of harry potter but something is missing..vfx is good and some movie characters are not upto the mark..


awesome beasts, just Fantastic 5 months ago

awesome beasts, just Fantastic. we are waiting for more sequels from JKR. The magic is wow!!! kudos to the special effects team too. way to go JKR...